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Building Cleaning Services

Building cleaning services is the process of sanitizing the physical premises of a property used for various purposes, such as a commercial building, the headquarters of a company, a condominium, a school, among others.

4 building cleaning services are used:
  • specific cleaning products for cleaning the site;
  • equipment for cleaning buildings that optimize work;
  • staff trained to clean properly;
  • personal protective equipment (PPE) for product protection and protection against potentially allergenic materials.

As companies in the area have a defined scope of services, which makes it easy to check whether or not the supplier can meet your needs.

If you need to negotiate the inclusion of some service, specify in the budget request the possibility of an additional one in the contract.

Building cleaning services is extremely important for the operation of a building, whether residential or commercial.

After all, disorganization and lack of hygiene convey an impression of sloppiness on everyone who frequents the place.

The big challenge, in this case, is to keep the building always clean.

After all, the traffic of people, whether residents or workers, is intense, and all this movement ends up generating an accumulation of dirt and a certain mess.

In this post, we will explain how the building cleaning services, works and give some tips to keep the place clean, well maintained and free of any problems arising from the lack of hygiene.

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What is Preliminary Cleaning?

The building cleaning services consists of sanitizing, tidying and conserving a building, aiming at maintaining the well-being of contractors.

This service has to be a priority for the property manager or condominium administrator and must be carried out in detail. Keeping the building up to date is challenging not only because of the constant flow of people, but also because each area requires specific treatment.

Therefore, the ideal is to create and follow a cleaning schedule with everything that must be done in each building location and frequency.

A good way to ensure efficient building cleaning services is to choose to outsource this service, so that procedures are carried out properly by specialized and trained teams.

Why carry out pre-cleaning?

Performing building cleaning services carefully and at the appropriate frequency helps to avoid a series of problems, such as:

the decrease in the useful life of properties, the incidence of structural problems and even health problems caused by micro-organisms.

In addition, keeping cleaning up to date has a number of advantages, such as:

Building appreciation

A well-maintained, clean and preserved building is much more attractive to live, work or set up a company.

Therefore, taking care of conservation and hygiene helps to add value to the properties in the building.

Positive influence on the building’s image and reputation

In addition to impacting the market value of properties, impeccable cleanliness also has a positive impact on the perception of potential tenants, improving the building’s image.

After all, no one would want to buy or rent an apartment or office space in a dirty, poorly maintained and falling apart building.

Health and wellness

The accumulation of waste, mold and dust can lead to health problems such as allergies and even exacerbate respiratory diseases.

In addition, a poorly maintained building can cause accidents, such as tiles or parts of the structure coming off or falling apart.

Thus, taking care of cleanliness also favors the well-being of visitors.

Satisfaction of customers, workers and residents

Thorough cleaning in all areas of the building ensures the comfort and satisfaction of employees, residents or customers.

In the case of commercial buildings, this can even impact the productivity of professionals!

Reduction in renovation costs

Keeping the building clean, organized and well maintained prevents more serious damage to the structure and helps to reduce costs with emergency renovations.

Types of building cleaning services

General cleaning

General cleaning is a complete cleaning process, and involves daily or weekly activities, according to the needs of each area of ​​the building.

It covers washing the external areas, sanitizing the sinks, cleaning the elevators and cleaning the entrance hall, bathrooms, garage and other common areas.

Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is that routine, lighter cleaning that keeps hygiene and organization up to date, and the environment fragrant.

It includes sweeping the floor, arranging furniture and organizing environments, and can be performed more frequently.

Conservation Cleaning

Conservation cleaning aims to preserve building areas from dirt, bad odors, dust and mess. It covers dust removal, cleaning of accumulated dirt on surfaces, garbage collection and basic organization of the environment.

Usually this type of building cleaning services is carried out during business hours, the moment when there is more intense movement in the building.

Thus, it is possible to keep the place clean for a longer time.

What are the processes involved in the building cleaning services?

1.Glass Cleaning

Glass is a very fragile and delicate material and therefore requires special attention when cleaning.

To avoid stains on the surface, avoid homemade solutions and opt for products specifically designed for this function. In addition, it is important to keep an eye out for any cracks, cracks and chips in the glass of the building, proceeding with the replacement or repair as soon as possible to avoid accidents.

2.Roof Cleaning

The roofs of the building must be cleaned very rigorously, as they are located outside and are subject to all types of weather. This causes wear and tear, but a good cleaning will help preserve it.

In this case, it is important to use suitable materials, protective equipment and follow all rules regarding work performed at height to ensure safety.

3.Tank Cleaning

Sanitizing the tanks is also of paramount importance, as they are used to store water, oil and food and are subject to the accumulation of waste. To avoid contamination, it is important to carry out a careful cleaning with special machines and products.

Due to the complexity, the ideal is that this type of cleaning is done by specialized professionals.

4.Curtain and carpet cleaning

Curtains, rugs and carpets beautify the environment, but they also accumulate dust and waste from the street, which can end up causing respiratory problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to wash them frequently to exterminate mites, fungi and mold, always using products suitable for each material.

5.Bathroom Cleaning

The restrooms for collective use in the building must be cleaned and disinfected daily, as they are environments with an intense flow of people and with great potential for contamination or infection by microorganisms.

Maintenance must be frequent and the products must be effective for disinfection, preferably with mild scents that perfume the area.

In addition, you need to remember to replace items such as toilet paper, paper towel to dry your hands, soap and gel alcohol.

Also don’t forget to keep mirrors clean and polished with specific products.

6.Garbage collection

Dumpsters are also places with enormous potential for contamination by bacteria and, therefore, there is little care when collecting waste.

Garbage collection should be part of the routine and carried out daily.

For this, trash cans should be installed in all common areas.

As you can see, planning and executing the building cleaning service is a complex and time-consuming task.

Therefore, the ideal is to contract a third-party company and leave this service in the hands of someone who understands the subject and is capable of performing it efficiently and seriously.

Diamond Economy Services Cleaning Company specializes in outsourced services and offers the best structure to serve its customers.

We offer cleaning solutions to make your life easier and save you time.

We know that the building cleaning services is an essential service present in the routine of both commercial and residential buildings.

This is because, after all, it is due to the large number of people circulating through spaces that the accumulation of microorganisms in the environment takes place.

So, nothing fairer than ensuring the well-being of people who frequent the building’s spaces.

However, building cleaning service, despite seeming a simple task, must be cautious to avoid damage.

Therefore, there are some requirements that must be taken into account every time building maintenance is carried out.

In this sense, so that it is always well executed, the team must be specialized to provide the best service in the area that needs care.

Quality building cleaning services

Because it has several spaces, a building needs specific care for each environment.

But, in addition, another point that deserves to be highlighted when we talk about building cleaning services is the correct use of cleaning materials, since carelessness can harm, at the same time, the area that is being cleaned and the health of visitors.

Thus, there are spaces that need to be cleaned more frequently and others that can be cleaned at a different time, such as elevators, halls, gardens, entrances, swimming pools and the playground and that, because of this, need to be organized according to a schedule.

Cleaning Schedule

First of all, you have to understand that there are 3 types of cleaning that only an expert outsourced company knows about.

Due to these particularities, the ideal is to define a cleaning schedule that fits your company’s routine to preserve the well-being of customers and employees alike.

Cleanliness and conservation

Here, the main objective is to maintain the visual and aesthetic quality of the premises, that is, the cleaning and conservation service focuses on routine cleaning, removing garbage and cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, carried out day after day.

Maintenance cleaning

Now, with regard to the maintenance cleaning process, it involves, in addition to specific places in internal areas, such as ceilings, corners, behind and under furniture, also external areas.

In this modality, the frequency can be weekly to, in this way, avoid the accumulation of dirt to avoid deep cleaning.

General cleaning

Finally, this category, which is more specific and laborious, can be performed more frequently.

This is because, when general cleaning is compared with conservation and maintenance cleaning, which are carried out weekly, it can be suitable for different environments and carried out daily, but requires rigor in its execution.