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Carpet Cleaning and repair Service

Carpet Cleaning

The Diamond Economy Cleaning Company’s, Carpet Cleaning and Repair Service, method leaves carpets clean and dry in a few hours.

In addition to thoroughly sanitizing carpeted rooms, removing both organic and oily soils, this unique system is 99% effective in removing bacteria, germs and fungus.

And yet: it manages to increase the volume of carpet fibers, reviving their volume, brightness and color, leaving them looking like new.

For a good Carpet Cleaning and Repair Service, we also use natural products

Natural products, which do not harm the fibers.

1. Eliminates 99% of bacteria, germs and fungi.
2. Revitalizes the colors, volume and shine of carpets.
3. 7x more effective cleaning power.
4. Animal urine deodorization.
5. Extended cleaning (3 months warranty).
6. Residential or Commercial

Carpet Cleaning and Repair Service

Why should you clean seemingly clean carpet?

Regular cleaning (maintenance cleaning, intermediate cleaning and deep cleaning) maintains the appearance of your carpet, increases its lifespan and ensures a good level of hygiene.

As the carpet does not get visibly dirty on the surface, but in the depths of its fibers, its cleaning is not always requested immediately.

For health and hygiene reasons, it becomes very important to remove invisible dirt regularly and treat stains properly.

Here you can find out more about how you should proceed with the “Carpet Cleaning and Repair Service” of the carpet:

Pre-wash: firstly, spray the water and the cleaning agent (cleaning solution) with a nozzle at a set pressure and from a distance of 10 cm. Let the cleaning agent act for about 10 minutes.

Main wash: now run the floor nozzle over the carpet and let the cleaning solution take effect. Dissolved dirt can be sucked off immediately or during the next procedure.

Rinse with clean water: Now, rinse with clean water and vacuum the cleaning solution along with the dirt using the vacuum nozzle.

Vacuuming: Once the carpet is dry, vacuum it thoroughly using a carpet vacuum cleaner.

To maintain the useful life of your carpet, you always need to take some care, as well-performed maintenance, in addition to maintaining a new appearance, helps to improve the air quality in the environment and guarantee a long useful life for your product.

So let’s get to know a little more about Carpet Cleaning and Repair Service for carpets.

The maintenance

Keeping your carpet in good shape is easier than you think. Here are some tips for you to follow:

  • Use containment mats at entrance doors;
  • Avoid stepping with dirty or wet shoes to avoid stains;
  • Using the vacuum cleaner weekly is essential, as it does not allow the accumulation of dust and waste.
  • Do not use products such as general purpose cleaners, vinegar or any homemade recipe to remove stains, only products indicated for this purpose.

And for those looking for professional cleaning, we suggest washing by extraction and dry cleaning.

In general, professional carpet cleaning companies are carried out by companies on weekends and do not take long to get ready, so they do not disturb your daily life at all.

Now it’s time to periodically identify your cleaning needs and keep your maintenance up to date.

Have you tried everything to get that stain out of your carpet and nothing worked?
Let the Diamond Economy Cleaning Company do the service for you.

Attention: we do not guarantee the removal of odors.

Schedule the best day and time now!

What is included

  1. Environment preparation (floor protection, etc).
  2. Technical evaluation (our provider will carry out an on-site analysis of the types of fabric, stains and odors, and will inform you about the possibility of carrying out the service. If it is not possible to carry out the service for one of these reasons, there will be no charge for the service ).
  3. Carpet washing service
  4. Cleaning and organization of the place where the service is performed.

The Dry cleaning cleans, sanitizes and is 100% effective and satisfactory.

Therefore, consult the Diamond Economy Cleaning Company for this Carpet Cleaning and Repair Service.

In addition, it helps keep the carpet clean for longer and does not damage the carpet.

And, the process cleans and encapsulates the dirt.
As a result, the carpet is clean and hygienic. However, dry cleaning does not harm the carpet fiber during brushing.

In addition, dry cleaning is recommended by the main carpet manufacturers.

In any case, it is a hygiene process that can be carried out in any environment and regardless of weather conditions.
In any case, environments with or without natural ventilation can be cleaned.

In fact, the carpet can be immediately ready for use. Because carpet cleaning is 100% dry.
The environment is made available as soon as the team completes the service.

That is, stores in malls and closed places have nothing to worry about.

But, there are no risks with network cabling and other wiring on raised floors.

Even because, our cleaning does not leave moisture and residue on the carpet.

Therefore, it is a system that offers practicality and satisfaction to our customers.

Benefits of the Dry Cleaning Process

  • 100% dry process;
  • Leave no odor;
  • Immediate use;
  • Does not leave moisture;
  • Biodegradable products;
  • stain treatment;

Why do Dry Cleaning?

  1. Cleans deeply and does not damage your carpet;
  2. Helps reduce mites;
  3. Extends the life of your carpet;
  4. Does not leave an odor and does not leave moisture on your carpet;
  5. System that makes a deep treatment of stains;
  6. Cleaning can be done in any environment.
    And, even without external ventilation;
We have chosen one more Tip so that you know how to maintain rugs and carpets.

All coatings, in order to last for a long time, need good maintenance, in addition to the fact that people like to stay in a clean and cozy environment.

Carpet is a coating that allows for easy and low-cost maintenance as long as it is done regularly.

By not leaving the dust in suspension, which reduces the particles dispersed in the air, it does not mean that this dust does not need to be removed, all you need is a good vacuum cleaner that removes and retains these dust particles.

Unlike hard floors, you don’t need to use cleaning products, buckets and rollers to clean your home, with the high-tech fibers used in the manufacture of rugs and carpets, it becomes much easier to remove dirt and stains .

To help you keep your rug or carpet clean, beautiful and cozy, some rules need to be followed:

  • Act as quickly as possible in case of spills;
  • Remove as much of the spill as possible with a paper towel and, if necessary, use a spoon for slimy or solid spills;
  • Dampen a washcloth with cold water, wring it out to remove excess water, and place it over the stain;
  • Let the towel absorb the remainder of the spill when it is saturated/dirty, wash it and repeat the operation until the stain is eliminated;
  • Let the cleaned area dry.

Another very important Carpet Cleaning and Repair Service tip for keeping your carpet or rug clean is the use of doormats on all access doors and also on transition doors, such as bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that generate moisture and dirt.

The doormat retains up to 30% of the dirt that could enter your home or your work environment. It is much more economical to wash and change mats than it is to damage your rug or carpet by over-soiling.

Carpet Restoration

Reforms, repairs, arrangements and adjustments in the renovation of all types of carpets.

However, carpet restoration completely renews the carpet.

Because it recovers and most damage can be fixed.

Carpet Cleaning and Repair Service includes: renovations, repairs, arrangements and adjustments in the renovation of all types of carpets.

Because the restoration completely recovers the carpet leaving it as new.

Mainly because most damage to carpets can be recovered.

Firstly, most of the damages in which recovery is necessary are due to inadequate washing.

Because people tend to wash rugs without knowledge and with improper products, damaging the rugs. So, cheap can be expensive!

Why recover the carpet?

Mainly because the repair adds aesthetic value. However, no matter how bad the damage is, the rug can be fixed!

However, the cost of the may not compensate, depending on the characteristics of the rug!

Even more so if it’s a regular rug. But if it is natural fiber, then it is worth recovering.

Because the recoveries through the exchange of fringes, edges and cords can be replaced.

After all, when it comes to fringes, cords and linings, the cost is feasible, whereas a restoration is something to be evaluated in terms of repair investment.

Because Carpet Cleaning and Repair Service is a highly complex activity that requires skill and experience.

Therefore, a good professional makes all the difference and professionals like this charge for the quality of their work.

Because that way, carpets can be renewed.

See some of our repair services:
  • Lining replacement;
  • Protection non-slip protector;
  • The placement of cords to protect the ends of the carpet;
  • The placement of fringes on oriental rugs made of cotton, silk or wool.

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