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Home Cleaning Service

To clean your house or apartment, we provide our Home Cleaning Service, our professionals are equipped with all safety equipment, in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), for the protection of all.

In addition, to carry out the Home Cleaning Service, they are uniformed and take everything necessary to leave their environment clean and organized, from products, materials and equipment. You don’t have to worry about anything, as our work method was developed so that the Home Cleaning Service has brought the utmost care and guarantees greater comfort and peace of mind for you.

Our Home Cleaning Service is available in flexible periods and takes only the time necessary to leave your house or apartment clean and well taken care of.

Included in our Home Cleaning Service:

Products: We use professional biodegradable products, which disinfect 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in your home in all types of cleaning.
We also work with products according to your service needs, which remove any type of dirt.

Materials: The equipment is: Professional use vacuum cleaner, Mop, Top, fibers (do not scratch), Cloths… So, you don’t have to worry with nothing! All material used in the Home Cleaning Service is properly sanitized and disinfected.

Professionals: All professionals use personal protective equipment for their own safety and that of their families.

Disinfection: Our Home Cleaning Service is highly effective in disinfecting viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus.

Does it seem impossible to keep the house clean and still have time to take care of yourself, enjoy the moments you love or rest?

Diamond Economy Cleaning Company guarantees a reliable and quality Home Cleaning Service, with professionals selected in a meticulous process and who undergo a series of specialized training with Diamond Economy Cleaning Company, aiming to guarantee the excellence of their work and the best experience to you!

See what is included in the Home Cleaning Service.

• › Sink cleaning
• › Floor and wall cladding cleaning
• › Toilet and bathtub cleaning
• › Shower, mirror and glass cleaning
• › Garbage removal
• › Door cleaning
• › Internal window cleaning

• › Dishwashing
• › Furniture surface cleaning
• › Floor and wall coverings cleaning
• › Refrigerator external cleaning
• › Stove and microwave external cleaning
• › Window internal cleaning
• › Door cleaning

• › Furniture surface cleaning
• › Floor cleaning
• › Internal window cleaning
• › Organization of exposed clothes and bed making
• › Mirror and glass cleaning
• › Door cleaning

• › Floor cleaning
• › Sofa, armchairs and carpet vacuuming
• › Furniture surface cleaning
• › Door cleaning
• › Window cleaning
• › Internal window cleaning

• › Cleaning floors in the garage, yard, veranda and terrace.

Bathroom Cleaning and Disinfection

In our Home Cleaning Service, all bathrooms are disinfected with high-performance cleaning products, including cleaning the shower tiles, disinfecting the toilet, washing the sink and cleaning the floor.

However, we do not throw water, which only dilutes the dirt and will spread it throughout the environment, but we use microfiber cloths with ecological disinfectant products, which will remove the bacteria at the source.

Cleaning and disinfection of the Kitchen and Laundry Room

In our Home Cleaning Service, cleaning the kitchen and service area, including cleaning the tiles on the sink and stove, cleaning the outside cabinets, moving machines and the refrigerator away, cleaning the oven, stove and microwave, cleaning small appliances, cleaning the sink and worktop, among others.

Remember that traditional bathroom and oven cleaners, as well as products used to polish furniture, contain the highest levels of toxins, which come into contact with the food you eat.

Vacuuming and Floor Cleaning

In our Home Cleaning Service, we guarantee the complete vacuuming of the floor, including baseboards and under furniture, such as beds, and we vacuum your entire sofa, freeing it from crumbs, hair and dust. Then we clean the entire floor, which traps bacteria. We change the beds if necessary, vacuuming the mattress, for greater comfort.

We do not throw water on the floors, because this will generate moisture in your furniture, which, in addition to spoiling, also helps in the proliferation of fungi.

Dust cleaning of furniture and decorative objects

In our Home Cleaning Service, we clean decorative objects, ornaments, pictures and doors. Furthermore, we know that these objects are special to you, so we will be very careful with them and we will be very careful with their handling. All cleaners are trained, always taking into account these precautions to be taken with the cleanliness of your residence.

The Diamond Economy Cleaning Company prizes the quality and efficiency of the service.

Cleaning Wardrobes from the Inside

We know that wardrobes, from the inside, if the air circulation in the house is not done daily, create fungus, mites and mold on clothes and accessories. Nothing is more difficult to combat, and this ends up becoming unpleasant, either because of the smell or because of the marks they leave on clothes and accessories.

For this reason, depending on the region more or less prone to mold formation, you should clean the cabinets from the inside frequently.

Don’t forget, before putting all the clothes away again, make sure the closet is completely dry. Moisture left by cleaning cloths compounds the problem. Do not wash wardrobes with too much water, as we have already mentioned here, just enough to combat the problem. All cleaners at Diamond Economy Cleaning Company are trained, always taking into account these precautions to be taken with cleaning your home.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets from the inside

In the kitchen, the accumulation of fat, together with the steam from cooking, if the food is not well packed, form the perfect environment for “bugs”, ants or cockroaches to appear in cereals and pasta, in sweets and salty, in short, in their food. And when you realize it, it’s too late, and you have to throw it all away.

So that this does not happen, it is important, first of all, to properly pack the food, always tightly closed and covered, as well as cleaning and sanitizing the cupboards regularly.

All Home Cleaning Service professionals at Diamond Economy Cleaning Company are trained in the best market practices and have a keen sense of hygiene, to ensure that environments are clean and healthy.

We train and recycle the use of equipment, adequate tools to carry out the activities.

In the Home Cleaning Service we use products for direct use and we also spread correct techniques for diluting cleaning products for large environments effectively.

The very clean environment generates a feeling of freshness and health, where our customers live or work.

This is important!